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executive golf tours in Scotland
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executive golf tours in Scotland
Thursday 3 November 2016

Tee2Green Travel - Whisky Tours in Scotland

Whisky - the water of life

We offer several whisky tours in Scotland of our own which include tours around many of Scotland's distilleries where you will be able to experience the whisky making process and sample the delights of the finished product "Uisge-Beatha" - the water of life.

Most distilleries in Scotland provide a free sample of their product and have their own shops where a variety of purchases can be made.

A visit to a Scotch Whisky distillery is a truly unique experience. Whisky can only be called Scotch if it is made and matured in Scotland - so this is one tour you cannot take in any other part of the world.

No two distilleries are the same. Highland distilleries will naturally differ quite radically from those in more lowland locations. But it's not just the setting. Each distillery has it's own story, a distinctive way of doing things that has often evolved over centuries.

This is what makes every Scotch Whisky taste different. From the source of the water to the shape of the still, your tour guide will help explain what makes the distillery's spirit unique - be it an old favourite or a new found pleasure.


Some distilleries cater specifically for visitors, with custom built visitor centres, museums, cafes or conference facilities. Others are more low key, but will be delighted to show you around.

Something that all the distilleries do have in common. For no matter which distillery you choose to visit - be it island, mainland, large or small - you can expect a great Scotch Whisky, a warm Scottish welcome and a fabulous day out!

Facts about Whisky:
Fact 1
Around 1 million visitors pass through the doors of Scotland's various distilleries each year.
Fact 2
Research has shown that regular moderate drinking of Scotch Whisky may provide some protection from coronary heart disease.
1. 'Glengoyne' Distillery
2. 'The Glenlivit' Distillery
3. 'Glenmorangie' Distillery
4. 'Glen Turret' Distillery
5. 'The Macallan' Distilllery
6. 'Dalwhinnie' Distillery
Map of Scotland
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